WTF is Customer Intelligence?

Feb 15, 2019

WTF is Customer Intelligence?

The world of digital marketing is ever evolving, responding to changes in customer preferences and always looking to develop more efficient means of building strong customer connections. Marketers have looked to an array of tools and platforms—from CDPs, DMPs, DSPs and so on—but none of these iterations of marketing technology have succeeded at providing an effective way of leveraging a wealth of data from a range of sources to power truly effective omnichannel customer engagement.

That’s where Customer Intelligence comes in. IgnitionOne has partnered with Digiday to produce WTF is Customer Intelligence?, a thorough guide to how Customer Intelligence helps marketers make the most of their data to deliver real-time personalization throughout an omnichannel strategy.

The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform can:

  • Aggregate large amounts of data from disparate sources to provide a consolidated, comprehensive view of each customer
  • Provide a real-time understanding of each customer’s products of interest, level of engagement, and relationship with your brand
  • Power effective personalization across channels and devices to boost engagement and build lasting customer relationships

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