Trendspotting: Real-Time In-Store Signage

Sep 3, 2019

Retailers are constantly looking to improve the shopping experience to better engage customers and build brand loyalty. The physical store is no longer just a place for transactions; customers now expect an immersive and unique showroom experience. Common enhancements at brick-and-mortar include interactive displays with AR and VR technologies that deliver exciting effects and new ways for customers to engage with the brand. Soon there will be a new wave of in-store experiences that leverages the power of technology and data to deliver real-time personalized messaging.

Imagine the opportunities created by real-time messaging in stores that promotes a new item that’s trending across social media, or signage that gently reminds customers to update their wardrobe for the pending snowstorm in the weather forecast. These customer conversations personalized by region, audience trends, local events and more can help retailers deliver a more engaging shopping experience that drives purchases as well as brand loyalty. It’s a clear win/win that provides extra attention and service to the customer while optimizing the path-to-purchase and moving product for the retailer.

With strategic martech partnerships, brands will be able to leverage audience data and combine these insights with seasonal and regional activity to deliver personalized messaging to customers at retail locations. These capabilities provide brands with a competitive edge that effectively lift consideration, customer engagement, and purchase intent. Customers will appreciate the uniqueness of the experience, along with the thoughtful messaging that highlights current trends and makes the customer journey both more seamless and memorable.


+ Personalized Signage in Real Time

+ Messaging Based on Regional Activity

+ Unifying Online Insights with the In-Store Experience

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence powers this innovative approach to in-store signage. With real-time insights from customer data and retail trends, IgnitionOne empowers brands with effective personalization capabilities to engage customers no matter where they are, online and offline.

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