Trendspotting: Omnichannel Personalization

Feb 5, 2019

Every day there seems to be a new device, format, channel that is vying for customer attention. The average number of touchpoints that contribute to an eventual purchase decision will vary greatly depending on the product and the customer, but one thing is for sure: Brands need to be top-of-mind at every turn and on every screen. However, there is a fine line between being annoying and being helpful.

Customers used to think it was bit creepy when they would search for a product and then ads would follow them wherever they went. But, now they expect it and welcome the messaging as long as it is done right. So, what is the key to doing it “right”? It is way more than just knowing their name and sending them personalized promotion codes. It’s knowing exactly where they are in their decision journey and connecting with them through experiences that feel authentic and valuable. Brands can’t just follow them around and blast them with ads and offers. Customers want a personalized campaign that is tailored uniquely for them. Think of it as a friendly shadow that knows the customer and offers guidance without being obtrusive. It helps them connect the dots in an efficient way and proactively moves them through their purchase decision within a positive environment.

For example, a recent campaign by the world’s leading retailer of luxury consignment clothing engaged customers with relevant messaging across display and social. With the IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform, this retailer was able to gain real-time understanding of each customer’s product of interest and their likelihood to purchase. Several tiered audience groups were created and unique creative was served to each group that would resonate with them. Real-time optimization allowed the retailer to modify bids based on each segment’s level of interest.

This personalized omnichannel approach delivered significant cost savings and increased conversion rates while connecting with customers in a meaningful way.
+58% Better Conversion Rates
-25% Lower Cost per Action
+57% Higher Return on Advertising Spend

Leverage the power of personalized messaging across every customer touchpoint.
IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform is your turnkey solution to engaging your customer at just the right time, in just the right way.

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