Trendspotting: Direct-to-Consumer Brand Engagement

Apr 2, 2019

Technology has completely transformed the way people shop. While the digital marketplace has been a game changer for all brands, the convenience and sensibility of shopping online have created enormous opportunity for DTC brands in particular. The direct, instant access to customers strengthens the cost savings that has always been a big part of the DTC retail model, but the real advantage is the rich data that comes with every customer interaction. By removing the middle man, DTC brands have a direct dialogue that allows them to build a very personalized, meaningful relationship.

Consider some of the most successful DTC brands like Warby Parker, HelloFresh, and Casper that come from very different retail categories. Each of them has mastered an extraordinary level of customer service and cornered their market thanks to a wealth of customer data. Every interaction is based on real-time, personalized data that builds over time to create loyalty and trust. In each case, the brand has processed unique data sets to connect with customers on a deeper level and deliver bespoke solutions based on specific needs and preferences. It is a true one-to-one relationship that benefits both sides and sets the foundation for ongoing, welcomed messaging.

Of course, the initial impression is key to attracting customer attention and facilitating the relationship in the first place. Hunter Douglas, the world’s leading provider of window blinds and coverings, wanted to scale DTC sales by driving requests for in-home consultations direct to field reps from its website. Thanks to a coordinated strategy by IgnitionOne, they were able to implement an omnichannel strategy across search, social, and display that delivered targeted creatives to their customers that featured offers for the products they were most likely to purchase.

This omnichannel approach allowed Hunter Douglas to boost marketing results across channels while maintaining their existing spend.
-40% Lower Overall Cost per Conversion
+28% More Conversions from Search
+128% More Conversions from Social
+75% More Conversions from Display

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