Trendspotting: Buy Online, Pickup In-Store

Jul 2, 2019

In this age of instant gratification, it is no wonder that BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store) has become so popular. The offering creates immense value, both for the customer—who might prefer to save on shipping costs or simply doesn’t want to wait to receive their purchases in the mail—as well as the retailer, who then has the opportunity to upsell customers in-store. BOPIS is the perfect opportunity for retailers looking to drive foot traffic, provided that they’re equipped to cater to this growing trend and deliver on promises.

Nearly 70% of shoppers have made multiple BOPIS purchases

Big-box retailers and specialty stores alike have embraced BOPIS as an offering and continue to promote it extensively. Walmart offers discount incentives to customers that take advantage of the service, while Home Depot has dedicated pickup lockers for BOPIS customers to maximize convenience. These offerings are effective at complementing the BOPIS customer experience, but it’s important for retailers to remember that the true potential of BOPIS is in its fulfillment. The pickup process has to be seamless, with turnkey transactions that encourage repeat visits and additional purchases. Confusion, long wait times, and inventory issues will send your customer running right into the arms of your competitors.

Eighty-five percent of shoppers report that they have made an additional purchase in-store when they picked up items that they purchased online. Retailers need to leverage technology and their own first-party data to extend the customer dialogue beyond an initial purchase. For example, retailers can deliver a unified omnichannel strategy by using insights into which products each customer looked at on the brand website to inform the store associate of the customer’s interests. When the customer makes a BOPIS visit to the store, the store associate can then make a personalized recommendation. This in-person exchange offers a valuable moment to make a memorable and meaningful interaction and cultivate a deeper relationship between brand and customer.

As you consider your omnichannel marketing approach, integrate a thoughtful BOPIS strategy and promote the opportunity among your most engaged customers. Doing so demonstrates your knowledge of customer data and willingness to respond to customer preferences in thoughtful ways that make their lives easier and improve the customer experience. Brands that offer BOPIS and deliver a seamless, personalized experience will earn customer loyalty that will pay off in spades.

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