The Key to True Omnichannel Personalization

The Key to True Omnichannel Personalization

“Personalization” has long been a buzzword in marketing. A 2018 study shows that 98% of marketers believe¬†that personalization has an impact on advancing customer relationships, but only 31% of marketers believe that they are getting personalization right.

If you’re part of that 31 percent, this latest guide from IgnitionOne is for you.

In The Key to True Omnichannel Personalization, we explore the evolution of personalization in digital marketing, and provide a comprehensive guide to how marketers should approach their personalization efforts. With the rise of Customer Intelligence, marketers can now effortlessly leverage vast amounts of data to deliver truly personalized interactions across channels, throughout the customer journey. These capabilities enable marketers to boost engagement to build brand loyalty and foster lasting customer relationships.

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