Customer Intelligence for Automotive 

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence provides automotive marketers with a single platform to accumulate a real-time view of each customer—enabling more effective lead generation and omnichannel marketing

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Customer Intelligence helps automotive marketers generate more leads and sell more cars.


  • Reach in-market shoppers across channels with personalized messages
  • Understand your customers’ real-time behavior and intent, including vehicle of interest, levels of engagement and more
  • Generate more leads from your existing website traffic
  • Use Customer Intelligence to personalize marketing and sales messages

Personalized Omnichannel Engagement, Made Easy

Customer Intelligence helps automotive marketers maximize response and drive sales.

Reach in-market car buyers with personalized omnichannel messaging that reflects their geography, local weather conditions, and more.

Boost leads on your manufacturer website from the traffic you are getting today.

Give dealership staff visibility into their customers' interests and behaviors.

Automotive is in our DNA

Customer Intelligence helps automotive marketers drive better results. 

Mitsubishi Boosts Test Drive Appointments Nearly 6X

Japanese auto manufacturer Mitsubishi wanted to reach in-market customers with incentivized offers. They were able to increase test drive requests by leveraging Customer Intelligence.

Volvo Experiences 25% Lift in Leads

Volvo wanted to convert anonymous customers into leads for their dealership. With IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence, Volvo successfully increased lead volume by 25%.

Toyota Sees a 360% Increase in Conversions

Toyota NL wanted to increase sales by generating more leads. They were able to coordinate omnichannel messaging and boost high quality sales leads from their existing site traffic with IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence.

Mazda Boosts Test Drive Appointments 3X With Website Personalization

Mazda Motor Europe wanted to boost online test drive bookings. With IgnitionOne, they achieved higher consideration rates for all of their offers.

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