Retail Is Your Business: Shoppable

Aug 28, 2019

Is a website essential for selling your products online?

If you ask Heather Marie Udo, online retail expert and founder and CEO of Shoppable, she’ll tell you the answer is likely “no”—or at least, that we are moving toward a future in which this will be true. Shoppable is a distributed commerce technology company with a patented, universal checkout API that is helping brands respond to the way digital shopping behaviors are changing.


  • Instead of driving traffic to their own channels, retailers are creating commerce experiences where the consumer already is: on social media
  • Shoppable’s role as an ecommerce partner, brand experience platform, and insights platform for digital retailers
  • How Shoppable’s partnership with Pinterest helps brands and advertisers close the loop and ease the customer journey
  • Social media as a commerce channel and how it’s changing the way consumers interact with brands
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