Retail Is Your Business: Resident

Aug 21, 2019

Imagine if furnishing your home were as easy as getting everything you need from a single online company that has everything—bedding, linens, lighting, furniture, and more. It’s seamless and coordinated, with the consumer getting the benefit of buying from multiple brands all managed by the umbrella company.

Ran Reske, co-founder of Resident, joins Chris Hansen (IgnitionOne) and Rebecca Fitts (Warby Parker), and shares how this isn’t just a great customer experience that can change your life—it’s a fascinating retail concept in motion that works to outpace and out-experience the competition. With this model, combined with the convenience of direct-to-consumer, Resident is changing the online furniture and home goods market.


  • Resident’s mission to be a one-stop shop for the home goods shopper, offering multiple categories and brands to serve different niches in the market
  • How to make the most out of the hardest part of retail – customer acquisition – and then maximizing opportunities to cross-sell
  • The challenge of DTC when less than 10% of furniture purchases occur online
  • Bridging the online and offline strategy to spread brand awareness and provide a positive in-store experience that drives online conversions
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