Retail Is Your Business: Papaya King

Sep 19, 2019

There are iconic brands whose customers not only expect, but demand, that the brand not change. When you think of New York institutions, legendary frankfurter and tropical juice restaurant chain Papaya King (and their neon sign) very well comes to mind. For 86 years this retail business has kept a following, been featured in movies, TV and print, and has remained a part of the cultural fabric that makes New York “New York”. So, how do you stay true to the brand you’ve always been, while being mindful and smart about what tomorrows consumers need – with an eye on health and saving the planet? Steven Garcia, COO of Papaya King, joins Chris Hansen, COO of IgnitionOne, and Rebecca Fitts on the “Retail is your Business” podcast to share how the business is getting ready for the next 86 years by implementing an overhaul of its offerings, enlarging its footprint, and heading down the path of franchising – all while keeping the loyalty of their patrons intact. Plus, how Steven’s own need to rethink what he eats has inspired the path forward.

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