Retail Is Your Business: Cover FX

Aug 7, 2019


Customer, team, data: Prioritizing these three aspects is essential to the success of any retail operation. Emily Culp is an expert at this. She currently leads beauty brand Cover FX as CEO, bringing experience that ranges from managing call centers to making executive decisions at brands such as Keds, Rebecca Minkoff, Clinique, and Unilever. Emily joins Chris Hansen (IgnitionOne) and Rebecca Fitts (Warby Parker) to share career-focused advice on being a CEO in retail and why building the right team is everything.


  • Emily’s approach to embracing smart risks, always looking for solutions and options, and prioritizing KPIs
  • Her role at Cover FX as a perfect amalgamation of her experience and passion: Brand repositioning and having a positive impact on the world beyond producing and selling something
  • Cover FX as a vegan and cruelty-free brand and its focus on providing a product that is both beneficial to the consumer (with good-for-you ingredients!) and ethically made
  • The importance of data in understanding your customer—8-10% of Cover FX’s consumers are men—and knowing that it’s not about the volume of data, but about having a smart team that identifies insights
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