Retail Is Your Business: Burrow

Jul 31, 2019

Some of the greatest companies have come from solving a need the founders had themselves, insisting: “There must be a better way.” Fast-growing, direct-to-consumer furniture brand Burrow is one of them. Kabeer Chopra, co-founder and CPO of Burrow, shares the company’s journey with Chris Hansen (IgnitionOne) and Rebecca Fitts (Warby Parker), including how growing this company wasn’t about following a path of interest, but instead about solving a problem.


  • Burrow’s origin story as a mission to bring convenience and value to high quality furniture
  • How Burrow developed game-changing paths to supply chain, including tapping into FedEx and UPS in an industry where it wasn’t being done yet
  • Starting an online brand that people know and love, and translating that brand identity into a physical—immersive, experiential—retail space
  • Valuing and incorporating customer feedback into product design, resulting in some of their most popular and best-selling products
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