Retail Is Your Business: Birchbox

Aug 14, 2019

A lot of companies are compared to the innovators of their space. But when you are one of those innovators—in this case, Birchbox—eventually you’ll have other players to contend with. How do you continue to grow, stay relevant, and innovate to stay a leader—without going off-mission?

Katia Beauchamp, CEO and founder of the successful subscription beauty service Birchbox, joins Chris Hansen (IgnitionOne) and Rebecca Fitts (Warby Parker) to offer insights on how she has evolved with her company, how she thinks about retail, and why the journey toward understanding your customer should never actually end.


  • Birchbox’s nine-year history of disrupting the beauty industry and its impact on commerce and retail
  • Bringing the beauty industry online, making the shopping experience both more efficient and less intimidating to the casual consumer
  • The recently revamped subscription model that focuses on customer loyalty
  • The importance of providing an enjoyable customer experience, especially when it comes to spending discretionary dollars
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