Measurement & Insights

Get rich insights in a simple, easily accessible format.

Turn Customer Data into Powerful Insights

Reporting & Analytics

Get on-demand customer-centric reporting and analytics for instant visibility into your marketing performance. 

Omnichannel Attribution

See the results of your marketing efforts net of other channels and understand what activities drive results.

Advanced Insights

Leverage insights to better understand, value, and engage your customers across channels.

Actionable Insights for Today’s Marketers
Dozens of prebuilt reports to fuel marketing and other business decisions.

Performance Analysis

See conversion activity for audiences broken out by time on site, number of sessions, cart abandonment patterns, and more

Audience Overlap

Understand interplay across brands, products, or categories – no matter where a customer sits in their purchase journey

Conversion Sequences

See the interaction between media exposures and other behaviors to understand how customers interact with you on their way to conversion

Customer Journey Insights

Deepen your understanding of every stage of the customer journey

Competitive Benchmarking

See how your marketing stacks up alongside your competition

Works with Your Existing Tools
IgnitionOne’s insights can be presented within your favorite analytics tools.