Customer Intelligence


The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform gives marketers

the tools to leverage their data and build a centralized view of each customer,

powering effective marketing decisions from a single platform.

Maximize Your Customer Data

The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform processes real-time customer data to enable personalized engagement across your marketing channels. 

Single View of Each Customer

Unify disparate data sets and get a single consolidated profile for each customer across multiple channels, devices, and sessions.

Customer Data Management

Create custom audience segments for improved targeting with demographic data, geofencing, and more.

Real-Time Personalization

Boost customer engagement with personalized interactions delivered at key moments of consideration, across your marketing channels.

Omnichannel Engagement

Deliver real-time interactions to engage customers no matter where they are in their purchase journey.


With true multi-touch attribution, understand which interactions drive conversions and optimize your campaign to maximize results.


Build stronger connections with valuable insights into each customer’s unique relationship with your brand.

 Customer Data Platform v. Customer Intelligence

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence has all the capabilities of a Customer Data Platform but
 is the only Platform with the IgnitionOne Score, which tracks each customer’s real-time products of interest and assigns a numeric value to each customer that reflects their level of engagement and likelihood to undertake a given action.