Mitsubishi Boosts Test Drive Appointments Nearly 6X With Customer Intelligence From IgnitionOne


Mitsubishi wanted to align marketing messaging based on a customers’ position on the path-to-purchase – and nurture customers from awareness through ultimate conversion with appropriate messaging. 


Mitsubishi deployed IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence to first understand each individual customer’s position on their path-to-purchase, as well as their vehicle of interest. Then, with IgnitionOne’s native Website Personalization solution, Mitsubishi targets in-market customers on their website with personalized messaging which varies based on their path-to-purchase. Once they leave the website, customers may see the same coordinated messaging across search, display, and social. For example, customers may see a newsletter offer or vehicle configuration tool while they are in the awareness or interest phase; or see a test drive offer if ready to make a decision or take action.


By leveraging Customer Intelligence from IgnitionOne, Mitsubishi is able to reach in-market customers with an incentivized offer – resulting in significant increaes in test drive requests – and a significant number of customers subsequently purchasing vehicles. 


  • 471% more test drive requests

“IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence is the nerve center of our marketing stack – it makes all of our channels work better.”

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