Maximize Your Omnichannel Marketing with Customer Intelligence

Jul 12, 2019

The continued emergence of new technology, devices, and channels has created a huge challenge for marketers. With more touchpoints than ever, the customer journey isn’t the linear path to purchase it might once have been. Marketers now have to understand customer behavior as it changes across a brand’s website and social media platforms, the customer’s smartphone to desktop to voice-activated device, as well as different physical locations.

Despite the complicated landscape, the goal for marketers remains the same: To understand their customers and deliver a seamless, positive customer experience.

With Customer Intelligence, marketers get real-time insights and a comprehensive understanding of their customers, making it easier to deliver effective personalized interactions across channels throughout the customer journey. Below, we highlight just some of the benefits of Customer Intelligence for maximizing an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Unified view of each customer

As customers interact with a brand across different channels, marketers need to ensure that they’re delivering consistent and relevant messaging. For example, a customer who just purchased an item from a retailer’s website shouldn’t receive an ad for the same item on social media. With advanced identity resolution (IDR) capabilities, Customer Intelligence ties these touchpoints together to provide marketers with a single, consolidated view of each customer’s activity across devices, channels, and sessions. The ability to recognize each customer across various touchpoints empowers marketers to better understand their customers and personalize their messaging to reflect each customer’s unique relationship with the brand.

Real-time insights

Customer Intelligence gathers insights into each customer’s real-time behavior on your website, including their products of interest, level of engagement, and likelihood to convert. Marketers can leverage these insights to optimize their engagement strategy—for example, don’t waste ad spend on a customer who is just aimlessly browsing your website. Instead, identify which customers are exhibiting high likelihood to convert and deliver personalized interactions at key moments of consideration to encourage the customer through their path to purchase—generating sales and reducing cart abandonment while driving engagement.

Omnichannel engagement

Of course, sometimes customers on your website just aren’t ready to convert. They might be in the early stages of brand awareness, or still conducting product research. Customer Intelligence helps marketers reach their customers with personalized engagements no matter the device or channel: for example, delivering a display or search ad with an offer for a product that the customer was looking at on the brand website. With Customer Intelligence, marketers can optimize their omnichannel engagement strategy from a single platform.

Seamless customer journey

Even as the customer hops across multiple touchpoints, marketers need to ensure consistency and efficiency. This could mean leveraging IDR to recognize a returning customer who has browsed your website on their phone and desktop, but it also includes offline touchpoints with geolocation data and integration with a physical point of sale. Customer Intelligence gives marketers these capabilities and more, empowering marketers to provide a seamless, effortless customer experience.

Consistent data across systems

To maximize the full potential of your marketing initiatives, it’s essential to unify data from different sources into a single platform. Too many marketers keep their wealth of data siloed, creating operational inefficiencies. Customer Intelligence helps marketers manage their customer data, analyze it for actionable insights, and assess their own performance. With Customer Intelligence, marketers can measure the success of their omnichannel initiatives down to each conversion, making it easier to scale campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Marketers need to embrace technology that maximizes the range of customer touchpoints now available to them. The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform empowers marketers to make the most of their data and deliver a seamless omnichannel strategy that boosts customer engagement.

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