Insights from the IgnitionOne CMOdinner

Feb 1, 2019

Insights from the IgnitionOne CMOdinner

Last night, IgnitionOne hosted a CMOdinner at Aureole in New York, welcoming marketers from leading brands including L’Oreal, Bloomingdales, Equinox, Pinterest, La Mer, Barneys and more. The event was intended to foster conversation about the challenges that marketers are facing, and how to overcome them.

The room was in consensus: Most marketers struggle to understand who their customers are, what they want, and where they are in the customer journey. This lack of understanding feeds into a much bigger challenge: delivering true omnichannel personalization. Marketers who don’t understand their customers are unable to engage them with meaningful interactions that foster lasting customer relationships.

So how can marketers overcome these challenges to better engage with their customers? We offer three essential starting points below.

  1. Get a unified view of each customer. Today’s customers interact with brands on multiple channels and devices, resulting in more data than ever before—but many marketers struggle to tie these fragments together for a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey. Marketers need to consolidate data from disparate sources onto a single platform, making it easy to execute their digital strategy without having to sort through vast amounts of data in different technology stacks.
  2. Overcome martech FOMO. As the digital ecosystem grows, marketers seem so focused on which technologies they’re missing, often rushing to implement every new piece of technology before they’ve properly evaluated its purpose and value. Instead, marketers need to be conscious of their desired marketing outcomes, and carefully consider which tech will get them there. A thoughtful, deliberate approach to technology implementation means achieving those goals more efficiently.
  3. Make connections in real-time. Effective personalization requires both accuracy and precision. Marketers need to understand each customer’s products of interest, level of engagement, and stage in the customer journey in real-time. These insights ensure that personalized interactions are delivered right when the customer needs them, thus providing value and effectively boosting customer engagement.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the CMOdinner. These conversations provided immense value to all. We hope to see you again at future events soon!

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