How Customer Intelligence Benefits Automotive Marketers

Jun 19, 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a challenging year for the automotive industry, with sales in the US expected to fall by 3.6%. To turn these numbers around, automotive marketers need to leverage technology to deliver an omnichannel strategy that engages their customers and aids them through the purchase journey.

With Customer Intelligence, automotive marketers can identify the most engaged customers on their dealer or manufacturer website and leverage each customer’s real-time interests to deliver personalized interactions that boost engagement. Below are just some ways automotive marketers can implement Customer Intelligence to maximize their marketing strategy.

Generate more leads on your website

To engage customers and encourage them along their path to purchase, marketers need to know exactly what their customers want. Customer Intelligence gives automotive marketers valuable insights into each customer’s specific products of interest, down to the exact brand, car segment, and model. Automotive marketers can use these insights to deliver personalized interactions on their website in real time, encouraging the customer to book a test drive with their preferred model. Customer Intelligence also leverages geolocation data, so this interaction can include information to the nearest dealership.

Deliver personalized omnichannel messaging

The modern customer journey spans multiple devices and channels. Especially when it comes to buying a car, customers prefer to conduct research into different models and brands, visit several different dealerships, often over the course of several months.

Customer Intelligence helps automotive marketers recognize each customer as the same individual no matter the device or channel that they use. With advanced identity resolution capabilities, Customer Intelligence enables automotive marketers to deliver consistent messaging across channels, such as personalized remarketing ads on social media that reflect the cars that the customer was looking at on the manufacturer website.

A unified strategy

Despite declining sales, marketing budgets in the automotive industry are predicted to not grow by more than 1%. Automotive marketers therefore need to ensure that they’re making the most of the budget they have. Customer Intelligence enables automotive marketers to manage and execute their omnichannel strategy, all from a single platform. With on-demand reporting and analytics, including omnichannel attribution, Customer Intelligence provides full visibility into all your marketing initiatives. These insights empower marketers to accurately measure the performance of their campaigns, from display ads for brand awareness to email newsletters aiming to boost dealership visits. Marketers can then adjust their strategy to fully maximize their budget, so no dollar goes to waste.

Amidst changing customer preferences and trends in the industry, automotive marketers need to embrace technology that maximizes the wealth of customer data now available to them. The IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform empowers automotive marketers to better understand their customers, generate more leads, and deliver a seamless omnichannel strategy that eases the customer journey.

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