Find Out How Score Powered Metasearch Transforms Hospitality Marketing

Aug 2, 2017

Find Out How Score Powered Metasearch Transforms Hospitality Marketing

Metasearch sites like TripAdvisor receive over 85 million visits each month — so, how can brands turn those visitors into guests?

IgnitionOne SCORE-POWEREDSM Metasearch enhances the targeting of your sponsored listing and enables you to deliver more relevant offers to the potential guests most likely to convert. The result – increased conversions and more direct bookings for your brand.




  • Evaluate each individual visitor’s interests, level of engagement, and propensity to convert
  • Identify your highest-value visitors and make them available for targeting through metasearch
  • Bid for sponsored listings with confidence, knowing that you are reaching high-value, in-market travelers

Trendspotting: Attribution Measurement

Brands rely on effective attribution measurement to comprehend and navigate the unprecedented levels of consumer behavior that is available.

Hospitality Industry Report: Q3 2019

In Q3, the IgnitionOne Hospitality Industry Report tracked 6.83 million direct bookings, $1.81 billion in total revenue, and an estimated $3.23 billion in lost revenue due to cart abandonment.

IgnitionOne Partners with Enplug to Spearhead In-Store Personalization

IgnitionOne has partnered with digital signage software company Enplug to enable brands to leverage Customer Intelligence to personalize the in-store experience.

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