Customer Intelligence with IgnitionOne

Dec 10, 2018

Customer Intelligence with IgnitionOne

By now, marketers are well aware of the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to leveraging and actioning data. Today’s marketers talk about AI and ML often, the terms regularly used as buzzwords when discussing one’s digital marketing strategy.

A similar phrase has recently been making its way into the lexicon of marketing circles: Customer Intelligence. It sounds close enough to AI, but what does it mean?

IgnitionOne has been dedicated to developing the concept of Customer Intelligence and integrating it into everything we do. To us, the nuance of Customer Intelligence is not just in a name—it’s a deliberate focus on putting the customer first. As marketers, we believe that a customer-centric approach is integral to how we provide value and build stronger relationships.

Customer Intelligence brings the human element into machine learning, taking AI one step further and powering marketing decisions that are more effective and more impactful than ever.

At IgnitionOne, Customer Intelligence comprises five components:

  • The IgnitionOne Score is a powerful predictive algorithm that assigns each customer with a numeric value based on real-time behavioral indicators including products of interest, level of engagement, and likelihood to convert.
  • Personalization—informed by aggregated customer data from first-, second-, and third-party sources—fosters higher customer engagement on your most effective channels.
  • Data modeling enables marketers to leverage understanding of each customer’s path to purchase and identify potential customers with similar attributes.
  • Our identity resolution capabilities recognize each customer as the same individual, so marketers can continue the conversation with the right person no matter the channel or device.
  • Attribution helps marketers analyze campaign performance to understand which channels deliver the best results, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform delivers these capabilities and more, empowering marketers to find, value, and engage their most valuable customers. Customer Intelligence at IgnitionOne means real-time, actionable insights that provide deeper understanding of your customers and maximize results.

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