Can QSRs Deliver A Successful Subscription Program?

Mar 19, 2019

Quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) are embracing the digital era and are starting to experiment with subscription models. Perhaps hoping to replicate the success of direct-to-consumer brands, QSRs are realizing that a subscription program offers the opportunity to build brand affinity and loyalty, all in the name of providing greater value and convenience to their customers.

It’s easy to see why the subscription model has become so appealing. Apparel brands who execute a successful subscription program manage to attract new customers, generate recurring revenue, and increase customer lifetime value. Why can’t the same be true for QSRs?

An omnichannel approach to engaging with customers is now essential. QSRs that leverage the convenience of digital touchpoints to attract customers into physical locations can breathe new life into their brand, as well as draw customers away from competitors. QSRs that choose to offer a thoughtful, worthwhile subscription program can reap the rewards from day one. Organizing the supply chain ahead of time is always a good idea, as well as including a subscription offer at every point-of-sale setup.

Of course, as with the implementation of any new channel, running a subscription program has its own challenges. The whole point of a subscription program is to build brand engagement while also providing value to customers. This means that the experience needs to be seamless and effortless throughout the customer journey. QSRs that adopt a subscription model need to ensure that they have systems and technology in place to recognize each customer as the same individual every time they interact with the brand, whether it’s on the app, mobile site, or physical location.

QSRs that want to implement a subscription program need to shift their marketing mindset: It’s no longer about transactions, but about relationships. Customers want convenience, certainly, but they also want personable, personalized interactions that make their experience with your brand meaningful and memorable.

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