Automotive Industry Report: Q4 2018

Feb 13, 2019

Automotive Industry Report: Q4 2018

How did the automotive industry fare this quarter? The latest IgnitionOne Automotive Industry Report highlights that automotive marketers should prioritize mobile as a key channel: site visits on mobile now surpass desktop visits by 20 percentage points. Globally, site visits and engagement increased year-on-year, but leads decreased relative to Q4 2017.

With first-party data gathered from more than 350 manufacturers and dealer websites across more than 50 countries, the Automotive Industry Report looks at global car segment trends for insight on how automotive marketing can shift gears and drive growth as we head into the next quarter.

Find out more about current trends in the automotive industry and see how you fared against industry benchmarks this quarter, while discovering new insights to help you and your team deliver the best results.


  • Global site visits increased by 5% from last year, with high traffic from mobile devices
  • Average engagement increased by 8% from last year, with mobile engagement increasing by 12% YoY
  • Global leads decreased by 9% YoY—leads on desktop and tablet devices both declined, while mobile leads grew by 11%
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