Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Apr 15, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

As the retail industry evolves to the digital era, more retailers are implementing AI and machine learning tools to improve their ecommerce efforts. A study by Juniper Research estimates that retailers globally will spend up to $12 billion on AI services by 2023, up by 230% from the estimated $3.6 billion spend in 2019. Such large, industry-wide investments indicate that retailers have high hopes that AI will help them deliver a successful omnichannel strategy and survive the much-foretold retail apocalypse.

This report from Internet Retailer offers insights into how several global retailers are leveraging AI and machine learning to offer a better customer experience and deliver personalized content that boosts customer engagement.


  • How AI helps one brand optimize order management
  • Recognizing individual shoppers as the same customer across sessions
  • Maximizing first-party data to offer quicker and better product recommendations
  • How Customer Intelligence leverages AI and machine learning to drive customer engagement
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