9 Trends for 2019

Jan 25, 2019

9 Trends for 2019

The world of digital marketing isn’t slowing down by any means. The arrival of a new year brings new challenges and new opportunities to connect with customers. As we enter 2019, IgnitionOne has rounded up a list of the top trends to watch for as the industry continues to evolve.

In-housing, direct-to-consumer, and omnichannel personalization are just some of the trends we expect will proliferate—not to mention newer emerging channels such as voice search and digital out-of-home. Marketers will need to adapt quickly to stay ahead of all the changes in technology and customer preferences sure to come in 2019.

Find out what the priorities should be for your marketing strategy this year, while discovering the new technology and techniques that can help you and your team deliver the best results.



  • Attribution and measurement across channels and devices
  • How direct-to-consumer brands are changing the marketing landscape
  • What it means to truly own the customer relationship
  • New opportunities from emerging channels
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